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Cat litter

Product Preview Product number:010
model numbers:TY-M1
product price:600RMB/ton
Attention degree:4517 people

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main compon:Bentonite
Size specification:1-4mm
Product appearance:Short cylindrical, spherical
Application range:Household pet supplies, pet breeding mechanism

Litter is bentonite as the main raw material, the modified, pressing and pelleting, with non-toxic, super absorbent, high adsorption and high adhesion characteristics. At the same time, also has certain deodorizing ability is the essential of the modern family or breeding institutions pet products.

Cat litter samples

Litter is owners for culturing cat or other pet to bury the feces and urine of the objects, good absorbent, usually used in conjunction with a litter box (or cat toilet), the amount of litter inverted in the cat litter basin, trained cats and other pets to drain will into the litter box for excretion, to avoid adverse impacts on the environment.

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