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Feed mildew inhibitor

Product Preview Product number:003
model numbers:TY-S2
product price:4000RMB/ton
Attention degree:3376 people

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standard code:WS1-(X-165)-2004Z
main compon:montmorillonite
active component cont:≥95%
Size specification:≥325mesh
Appearance color:White powder
Application range:Feed mildew treatment、Feed storage、Feed raw material Antiseptic treatment.

Note: the following is for medical professionals to read only.

Animal husbandry and feed off the mold with montmorillonite product removal mycophenolate Wang came in second generation feed mildew removal agents, with super mildew, mould removing effect, the mildew has occurred or not moldy feed has good off the mold, mildew proof effect.

This product using montmorillonite layer special porous surface structure and the formation of ion polarity, adsorption has the same ionic polarity mycotoxins, inhibit mold growth and reproduction to the mould removing.

It has obvious inhibitory effect on the breeding disturbance, liver and gallbladder injury, liver and kidney toxicity, gene mutation, and the immune suppression of the animal, the immunity of the organism and the low immunity.

Feed montmorillonite sample

Effect of montmorillonite on the removal of mold:

Montmorillonite is the principle of the use of the physical adsorption method, no need to add any other drugs and chemical reagents, completely without drug residues, non-toxic side effects, will not cause two damage to the animal.

Off the mold using montmorillonite can improve the feed cycle storage: feed in the storage process subjected to high temperature and high humidity in feed mildew metamorphic main reason, because of high temperature and high humidity can not only stimulate lipase, amylase, protease hydrolase activity, accelerate the feed nutritional degradation speed, but also to promote the propagation and growth of microorganisms, stored grain insect pests and other harmful organisms. Montmorillonite has a good moisture absorption function, and its moisture absorption rate is above 18%, which can control the moisture content of the feed during storage and transportation, thus prolonging the storage period of the feed.

Off the mold using montmorillonite can save production cost and improve the income: montmorillonite in many other functions in a body, can completely or partly replace other feed additive to reduce input of other raw materials to save the cost of production. In diarrhea can replace antibiotics, in mycotoxin toxicity removal can take the place of the antioxidants and moisture control can replace the desiccant, in terms of nutrition can supplement the trace elements, instead of other mineral raw materials.

Feed montmorillonite

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