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Activated clay particles

Product Preview Product number:007
model numbers:TY-01
product price:4500RMB/ton
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standard code:HG/T2825-97
main compon:Purification of activated clay
Use time:>5 months
Size specification:6-14mesh、8-20mesh、20-60mesh、50-100mesh
Product appearance:Natural particles, extruded particles
Application range:Petroleum and petrochemical industry, olefin adsorbent

Clay particle parameters
Clay particle parameters

Particulate clay is the activated clay as the main raw material, scientific formula refined, it than activated bentonite have higher adsorption ability and specific surface area, with good base exchange and compressive strength. In the activation treatment, rinsing, solid-liquid separation and other aspects of the effect is stronger, after treatment of products with stable quality, no odor, no color back, not back to acid and so on.

Granular activated clay samples

Application of activated clay particles

1. The oil industry: for aromatics purification and aviation kerosene refining, refining lubricating oil, base oil, diesel oil decolorization can also be used for removing oil residual olefin resin, asphaltene, and the basic nitrogen impurities.

2 oils and fats industry: can be used for all kinds of vegetable oil, animal oil and mineral oil bleaching and purification treatment, can also remove the grease in the aflatoxin, pesticide residues and other toxins and odor substances.

3 chemical industry: in the chemical industry can be used as a catalyst for condensation, polymerization reaction, but also a good dewatering agent and refining agent.

Activated clay particles

Activated clay particles

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