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Organic bentonite

Product Preview Product number:005
model numbers:TY-3608
product price:12000RMB/ton
Attention degree:4803 people

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standard code:GB/T 27798-2011
main compon:High white bentonite
Appearance color:White powder
Application range:High grade paint, anticorrosive paint, industrial paint, ink, water paint, resin coating, powder coating.

Organic bentonite index
Index parameters of solvent type organic bentonite

Enhancement of solvent type organic bentonite thickens the agent is to high-quality bentonite as raw material, the highly purified modified organically modified and made. With high efficiency and good thixotropic gel and anti sagging, adapt to a wide range of solvent polarity. In addition the product also has the very strong increase thickening capability, can form highly colorless transparent colloid, applicable to various polar solvent system of aliphatic and aromatic system.

Solvent type organic bentonite sample

Solvent organic bentonite in the production of paint can be directly added to the use, for the poor resistance to wet resin systems such as epoxy, polyester, short oil alkyd resin product can be made in advance of the gel to join made pre gel can give full play to the performance of organic bentonite.

Gel formula: xylene or 200# solvent oil, solvent 87%, organic bentonite (10 - 8)%, polar activator (3 - 4)%;

Preparation process: the organic bentonite added to the organic solvent in the mixing (mixing time of the length of the organic bentonite to fully wet dispersion), and then add the polar activator to continue stirring (about 5 minutes);

Note: should have sufficient shear dispersion and time, in order to make organic bentonite fully dispersed in the solvent; very additive with to help organic bentonite well dispersed in a solvent, and the formation of gel system (common polar additives with 95% ethanol, 95% ethanol, 100% acetone, 95% of acrylic ester carbonate, the amount generally organic bentonite added the amount of 30 - 50%), organic bentonite to have sufficient moisture to enable development system for grid structure of the gel, the moisture content is 3.5%.

Solvent type organic bentonite

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