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Montmorillonite can be used to remove the harm of mould toxin

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A lot of plant breeding cows do not pay attention to feed management, resulting in feed mildew metamorphic, at present domestic feed raw materials pollution is the most common mycotoxin is vomitoxin, corn gibberellic olefine ketone and Aspergillus fumigatus element, of which deoxynivalenol and zearalenone in China's feed detection rate is 100%. Aspergillus flavus (12.5%, mycotoxins in feed is divided into 3 categories: Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium.

Statistics table of mould pollution

If the dairy food containing these toxins from feed to feed intake and milk yield decreased, and lead to diarrhea, propagation loss, serious person can cattle deaths, bloody stool, enteritis and ulcer, mycotoxin poisoning a variety of diseases, and even some of the health of animals not infectious pathogens due to mold toxin poisoning and disease, the cows immune system disease, immunosuppression.

Immunosuppression would bring a lot of bad consequences, such as vaccination or natural infectious disease factor, this should be immune, but because the immune responses in cells or tissues are damaged, there may not produce expected to produce immunity. Often, vaccination failure is often considered to be a result of poor vaccination, vaccination errors, or other complex factors, and the immune suppression caused by immune failure, but often ignored.

Disease caused by a fungal toxin

Feed montmorillonite is a kind of super absorbent, the effective components of montmorillonite can adsorb mycotoxins, inhibiting fungi and the mycotoxins lose activity, can no longer produce cure toxins, so that the cow of the innate immune system not in violation of mycotoxins and restore normal immune function. Montmorillonite using effect can be detected. The experiment results show that montmorillonite can be inhibited the growth of mold and mycotoxin adsorption, reduced the incidence of cow mastitis and endometritis and fungal abortion disease, decreased milk somatic cell counts increased milk yield and milk to continue and improve the quality of milk.

Montmorillonite is a kind of functional additive, which can effectively improve the efficiency of dairy farming enterprises. It has been popularized in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Brazil. The product has recently introduced the domestic and some well-known dairy companies use, also has a positive effect, for the dairy industry to provide a new defense weapons.

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