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How is the fungal toxin produced? How to prevent?

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The process of feed mildew

Mycotoxin is the number one killer of influence feed enterprise, food enterprise, agricultural products processing industry, food processing enterprises, has found that the kinds of mycotoxins aflatoxins, trichothecenes mould olefinic toxin, ochratoxin A, corn gibberellic ketene toxin and Aspergillus fumigatus toxins, these toxins every year to the industry brought huge economic losses, then mycotoxin is how to produce?

The conditions of the production of the mold toxin depend on the following five aspects:

1, the harvesting of the raw materials: corn is not fully mature, mechanical wear, rodent and pest damage are easy to cause the mycotoxin contamination;

2, feed sales and use of the process: feed factory product library accumulation, transportation to farms loading ring, farms on the floor of the store, barn feeding system of pollution factors causing secondary pollution of mycotoxins;

The process of feed mildew

3, feed and raw materials production and storage process: it is worth noting that mold spores are always common in the feed and raw materials, waiting for the appropriate temperature and humidity, and then germination and metabolism of fungal toxins;

4, raw material planting process: most of the large number of grains in the field during the planting if the drought, floods and droughts are produced by the bad weather;

5, raw material biological factors: most of the biological properties of plant raw materials changes, or the quality of the system to improve the decline of natural resistance, leading to the production of fungal toxins and pollution;

The process of feed mildew

Understanding of the production process of the mold toxin has a great effect on how we can control, we can make specific prevention and control measures according to the actual situation, to minimize the economic losses caused by fungal toxins. For mold contamination and mildew feed can be added to the appropriate amount of mold removal agents, such as the use of feed grade, such as the use of feed grade montmorillonite, such as the king and other special products.

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