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The addition of bentonite in cosmetics has whitening effect

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Our daily life will be used in facial cleanser, emulsion, cream, mask, BB cream a variety of cosmetics, these cosmetics contain a variety of components, which some cosmetics will add a certain amount of minerals, to increase the efficacy of whitening skin care.

That contains the mineral cosmetics appeared the earliest can be traced back to 6000 years ago, according to historical records: when the first people of Egypt will of malachite green and Blue Lapis ground into powder, make eye shadow to dress up, the spices and oils mixed smearing the body to prevent the corpse decay. This shows that the ancients had discovered the special use of minerals.

Bentonite cosmetic additive

Today, people have discovered a very good skin care effect of the white mineral, which is the montmorillonite". Montmorillonite is bentonite after purification of the modern product can form complexes with other ingredients in cosmetics, this organic complex can be extended to other skin care composition effect in the surface of the skin to synergism and on the surface of the skin, formation of a layer of mucous membrane protective barrier, in order to reduce the evaporation of skin moisture;

Montmorillonite has certain adsorption grease and cleaning effect, can effectively clear and adsorption in the skin of residual makeup, dirt, and the remaining oil and montmorillonite and removal horny and skin surface of harmful bacteria, cells die of old age, shedding, convergence acceleration coarse pores, dilute melanin and whitening skin, decontamination, detoxification, relieving itching, etc. function.

Montmorillonite cosmetic aid

Montmorillonite cosmetic additives is pure green pollution-free mineral, is a necessary ingredient in producing pure natural ecotype cosmetics. Now it has been widely used in emulsion, the soothing cool, elegant Kou pores clean mineral mud mask, Biotherm Homme t-pur balance clear grease moisturizing lotion and other cosmetics.

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