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City Federation of trade unions to our company to visit condolences

Reading times:2904   Release time:2016-6-16 16:20:27  author:Chinese Tianyu group

On January 4, 2016, executive vice president of the City Federation of trade unions for the head of the city, Union County condolences group in Tianyu group leader Su Jun Li manager, accompanied by in-depth company visits condolences.

Condolences to the scene photos

Condolences group in Tianyu bentonite technology companies to listen to the report of production, to encourage enterprises to seize the bentonite industrial advantages, to improve the quality of the products. Subsequently, condolences group and advanced enterprise workers and excellent staff have a cordial conversation, asked in detail about the their income, health, housing, etc., and on behalf of the City Federation of trade unions for them to send the government's concern, thank them for their dedication, and want them to make persistent efforts, guard against arrogance and rashness in the work, for enterprises to make greater contribution.

Condolences to the scene photos

Condolences group fully affirmed in the production of the company I work at the same time, hope my company to further unify their thinking, take a variety of forms to organize workers learning, actively carry out the skills and training of workers, rising the service ability of the diversification of the staff and workers of the enterprise, focus on quality, pay attention to actual effect, formed by enterprises is the home, to enterprises as the glory of the good atmosphere!

Condolences to the scene photos

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