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Suspension of polishing slurry can be improved by montmorillonite suspension

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Montmorillonite suspension

Main ingredients of the polishing agent is usually composed of ferric oxide, zirconium oxide, chromium oxide, cerium oxide, alumina, silicon oxide, such as powder and mixed solution composition, has a different role different powder, liquid determines the different polishing performance.

Polishing agent quality mainly by the powder on the Mohs hardness scale, powder size, powder crystal type and polishing liquid suspension. Particle size and uniformity determines the polishing speed and accuracy, the sieve sieve mesh can master the powder body relative to the size of the value, the average particle size determines the overall level of polishing powder particle size;

Hardness of the powder has a faster cutting effect can improve the strength and speed of polishing; powder crystal is reunited together single crystal particles, determines the powder by cutting, abrasion resistance and liquidity, single crystal particles in the polishing process of separation (broken), make the cutting and abrasion resistance decreased gradually, like irregular hexagon so stable polymorph can greatly alleviate this problem.

Montmorillonite suspension

Polishing agent to have good suspensibility, such polishing powder can play a role, if there is a settlement of polishing powder is speed and efficiency of polishing will affected, usually polishing powder suspension performance is by suspending agent to improve. There are many kinds of suspending agent, suspension performance are not the same, in many kinds of suspending agent and montmorillonite suspension is a very economic and suspension performance is very stable, and can also used for oily polishing liquid and water slurry.

The suspension performance of montmorillonite suspension has been well verified in the products of water based paint, paint, water ink and so on. The suspension performance of montmorillonite is mainly manifested by the special physical properties of montmorillonite. Firstly, montmorillonite has the properties of gel rheology and thickening, which can be achieved by adjusting the concentration of the slurry, adding the corresponding electrolyte (NaCl, CaCl2) and the surfactant LAS.

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