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My company to participate in feed mold toxin pollution situation summary analysis Seminar

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mold contamination

2014 July 18 Tianyu group smectite production base of R & D staff went to Beijing to participate in organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences of feed research institute the 2013-2014 feed mycotoxin contamination analysis and mycotoxin mycotoxin agent products method for the effectiveness assessment of the seminar ". And in feed enterprises, mould removing agent products related enterprises, and engaged in the research of mycotoxins and work of researchers and technicians jointly explore feed and livestock product safety issues associated with mycotoxin pollution problems and problem solving methods and the implementation of the program.

The contamination of the mold toxin has seriously affected the safety of feed and animal products, and it is a direct threat to human health. Currently on the market feed mycotoxin prevention and control products are different, the lack of unified product effectiveness evaluation methods and procedures, the impact of the feed and farming enterprises for the correct use of such products, as well as feed and animal husbandry management department of standardized management and quality supervision, we need to formulate a suitable for China's products in prevention and control of mycotoxins in feed effectiveness evaluation methods and procedures.

2013-2014 feed and its related products in the first half of the survey questionnaire (part):

mold contamination

mold contamination

So the meeting to mycotoxins in feed raw materials in domestic pollution investigation, 2014 in the first half of domestic feed ingredients mycotoxin contamination analysis, LC-MS technique in the detection of mycotoxins in feed and feed mycotoxins in adsorption agent product effectiveness evaluation procedures as the theme to discuss the positive. And the rapid detection of fungal toxins in feed enterprises, feed market situation, the development of research on the development of products, and the effectiveness evaluation methods of product effectiveness evaluation methods and other related issues in-depth analysis.

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