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In the bentonite International Forum of Tianyu group named

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Bentonite Conference

In September 25, 2013, our company was invited to participate in the China Jianping bentonite International Forum, the meeting was held in Jianping International Hotel, which lasted three days. This is a high-level international conference, the meeting on China non metallic industry development strategy, strategic development, how to practice, global bentonite industry competition situation, both at home and abroad of bentonite industry status quo and bentonite bentonite processing utilization technology industry status quo and development trend, bentonite soil resource storage distribution, product market, trade, price is the main topic.

Meeting by relevant departments of the state leadership evangelizing about mining, industry, science and technology and other related policies, the macro economic development, China non metallic Minerals Industry Association, foreign experts and industry leaders, leadership presentations and speeches, introduce industry science and technology progress, swelling soil resources application of the latest scientific and technological progress and achievements, introduced the domestic and international bentonite soil technology R & D and production experience and achievements.

Visit bentonite high-end enterprise, China non metallic Minerals Industry Association "vice president unit of" awarding ceremony, a variety of forms, a full range of interpretation, our company in the meeting again was named "vice chairman of the unit" the honorary title.

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