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Ningcheng TianYu group is in development of Bentonite for leading in real estate development, tourism development and business trade industry as one of the diversified industrial group, the group's total assets has reached 6 billion yuan, under the Ningcheng Investment Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Ningcheng Tianyu bentonite technology is limited, Ningcheng Tianyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Ningcheng Tianyu Tourism Development Co., Ltd and other subsidiaries.

The group's Inner Mongolia Ningcheng Tianyu bentonite moist soil science and Technology Co., Ltd. is development of bentonite in deep processing as the leading industry of the modern enterprise, the registered capital of 160 million yuan, assets of nearly 100 million yuan, more than 400 employees; have processing base seat 3, and built modern bentonite developing groun- - Tianyu bentonite science and technology park.

Company after 20 years of rolling development, achieved a number of impressive performance, company and product was named: famous brand in Inner Mongolia; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Science and technology innovation demonstration enterprise; ISO 9001: 2008 international quality system certification enterprises; feed additive production qualified certification enterprises; live of clay industry was the first domestic made of food grade additive certification unit; financial system AAA grade credit units; China non metallic Association member units; bentonite professional association, vice chairman of the ministerial unit; qualification of has the foreign trade import and export rights.

Company near by natural bentonite raw material base, resources are extremely rich, the proven reserves of bentonite in the region can reach more than 1 tons, is a large mineral deposits. The company has 5 main mines, reserves of 20 million tons or more, there are suitable for all kinds of products manufacturing and processing required quality raw soil. The main products are: Pharmaceutical montmorillonite, feed using montmorillonite, efficient activated clay, activated clay particles, organic bentonite increased thickens the agent, waterborne coatings increase thickens the agent, inorganic gel, washing cosmetic additives, drilling mud (API) bentonite, smelting pellet bentonite, cat sand bentonite products.

Company has an annual output of a combined production capacity of 15 million tons, is one of China's largest processing factory of activated white clay, and products are mainly sold to domestic and become China Petroleum, China Petrochemical network supplier; activated clay become overflow sea Kerry Group, Louis Fu, COFCO, Luhua group, textile group, group Jiusan designated suppliers; and part of the export Thailand, Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan countries or regions.

Tianyu group will make full use of local rich bentonite resources advantage, actively with colleges and universities and research institutes work closely, rely on scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation to accelerate the upgrading of the whole enterprise technology, and constantly develop new products, broaden the bentonite series products, application areas, with high quality products, creating the industry's well-known brands, quality services to actively develop domestic and foreign markets. We always follow the "mutual benefit, honesty, fair trade, the user is supreme" the principle of business, users at home and abroad Gongqing visit the guide, to discuss cooperation, create a better future!


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